Meet the Maker

Science junkie, alchemist nerd, amateur photographer, art dabbler, lover of laughter, Oxford comma professional... It can be easy to forget that there is a person on the other side of a brand. Someone who is toiling away, staying up late, losing precious sleep while creating and testing formulations, smiling when they receive a stellar review, eager to engage in fun conversations with customers... I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

I am a single mom, the hardest job but by far the most fulfilling and joyous that life has ever given me. My son humbles me daily and has taught me some of the most magical lessons. So trite yet true, but I did not understand the depths that I could love until I held him in my arms. He gives me reason to breathe, to love, to laugh, to hustle and grind. His imagination and creativity are unparalleled, his knowledge of trains knows no bounds, and his laughter is the best music I have ever heard.

Those who know me personally know that I have become quite the Krav Maga addict. While I have always appreciated martial arts in film (Enter the Dragon, Drunken Master, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and so many more), my martial arts journey began three years ago. This fall, I will be working towards one of my dreams of earning my black belt. You will find me training five to six days a week, some days twice. It has become my second home, my instructors and training partners, my second family. I have met so many remarkable people and fostered amazing friendships at my school. I have discovered my inner strength, grit, perseverance, and so much more.

krav maga, advanced red belt, martial artd

I briefly attended Massachusetts College of Art, but had to leave after two years. My focus at the time was photography. Shortly after that, I worked for several years in the wireless communications industry, from sales, to management, to operations. Realizing that this was not my desired career, I tried my hand at college again, this time for nursing, but alas, timing and priorities, as I had become a new mother.

Science and chemistry have always been subjects that have fascinated me, especially interactions and reactions. I found that the skincare industry often complicated the process, utilized questionable ingredients and unnecessary additives, and used gimmicks and fear mongering. Taking my love of alchemy, Plainville Homestead was born, with a holistic, science-backed, straightforward approach to skincare.

Fast forward to now, I live on my own with my son in a home rich with love, running a business that I cherish, with a future full of endless possibilities.


Pam Phinney | She/Her