"Sunny Days" Crystal Soy Candle
"Sunny Days" Crystal Soy Candle
"Sunny Days" Crystal Soy Candle

"Sunny Days" Crystal Soy Candle

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"Sunny Days" soy candle captures the summer season and the celebration of Litha. With juicy notes of apricot, nectarine, pear, and jasmine, cushioned by a base of vetiver, patchouli, and vanilla, finished with hints of woodsiness. Each candle is topped with genuine carnelians, garnet, citrine, and clear quartz, perfect for honoring Litha and yourself.

Candles were experty and artistically crafted by Karissa St. Pierre from Luminary Designs.


Your soy candle will arrive in a reusable metal tin, 6.2 oz (175 g).

All candles are handmade by Karissa using clean burning soy wax, cotton wicks, and phthalate-free fragrance oils infused with essential oils. Each candle is topped with real crystals and minerals you can wash off and keep when the wax burns away.

Candle Care

☼ Allow wax to melt from one edge of the jar to the other every time you burn the candle to avoid tunneling.

☼  Do not burn candle longer than 4 hours.

Trim your wick to 1/4 inch EVERY TIME you light the candle. This will help the candle last longer, smell stronger, and prevent black soot from building up.

If crystals interfere with the wick, move them to the edge of the jar with a spoon.

Stop burning candle when 1/4 inch of wax remains in the jar. Remove crystals with a spoon, wash and keep for good luck!

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