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Reliability, ease, satisfaction, and repeat business are my goals when you shop with me. Having sold on the Etsy platform for over five years with over 3000 sales and over 800 5-star reviews, I strive to bring all my customers the level of quality and excellence they have come to know and love.

"Amazing product! I’m all about finding natural products to use and you can’t beat this belly butter. I bought two tubs of it. I’m on my second pregnancy right now. My first pregnancy, every belly butter I tried stained my clothes and ruined them. I was only able to use them at night with ragged old t-shirts. This belly butter does not stain AT ALL! It goes on smoothly, smells amazing, and it really soaks in and moisturizes. The product is also delivered in a timely matter and the packaging is nice. I was also given a few free samples of soap and hand lotion. The hand lotion is awesome and has been really helping my dry winter hands! I haven’t tried the soap yet, but I imagine it is as high of quality as the rest of the products. Will definitely be recommending to others and purchasing again from this company! Thank you!" - Bri B. | Nourishing Belly Butter for Expectant Moms

"A daily must! I don’t know how I ever lived without this in my skincare routine." - Jessica G. | Bloom Facial Oil Elixir

"Wow!!! Love these aroma sticks. A nice big inhale and I just feel energized and awakened. Everything from Pam’s shop that I have purchased so far are high quality products. You can really tell she knows what she is doing in making these wonderful organic products as all have been amazing. In addition everything comes very quickly and wonderfully packaged and with great care for our environmental impact. That means a lot to me." - Wendy K. | Breathe Again Aroma


"Beautifully packaged in eco-friendly materials and arrived incredibly fast! Everything I purchased smells amazing. She even included 3 samples of various items. I cannot wait to try everything and will definitely be purchasing again in the future. This soap left my skin feeling so soft and clean! The namaste centered lotion absorbs quickly without leaving any residue, and smells delicious! If you’re considering buying anything from Plainville Homestead, do it!" - Sonya W. | Bee Youthful Honey Soap

"This lotion is amazing. Really thick but still applies and absorbs quickly and easily. Only downside is that it smells so good my kids keep following me around wanting to smell me! This is definitely my new go-to lotion." - Carolyn W. | Travel Lotion

"I only want to use Plainville Homestead soaps especially in winter." - Patricia M. | Bee Youthful Honey Soap

"Absolutely phenomenal product, I love how smooth and soft it makes my elbows and the smell is amazing!" - Kerry B. | But First, Coffee Exfoliating Body Polish

"My son’s hands get so chapped every winter that they crack and bleed. This stuff is so great - 80% better practically overnight. It smells really nice, too!" - Leslia H. | Herbal Healing Salve

"These are the best beeswax lip balms I have tried yet. A lot of time beeswax balms are hard but these go on easily even when cold. The smells are subtle but a nice touch. I also appreciate the oval shape of the container and the cute labeling." - Wendy K. | Organic Lip Balm Set

"My skin and scalp are always itchy from my allergies, but the winter is so much worse. I've been using the shampoo bar along with this ACV rinse, and my scalp is no longer itching! I love that you receive information about how they strive to be a green company and tell you about all of the packing materials. I've already recommended these products to 3 of my friends. I love them. Thank you!" - Jyn A. | Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse & Shampoo Bar

"Love the products from Plainville Homestead. This shipped quickly, was packaged with cute details, and feels amazing on my skin!" - Jill S. | Clarity Charcoal Facial Masque

"I love these soaps! Not only do they smell wonderful they are also gorgeous! The stones/crystals are an added bonus!" - April S. | Namaste Crystal Soap Set

"Best bar of shave soap that I've found! It smells absolutely divine (I may have lathered up my whole body with this soap, that's just how much I enjoyed the smell) and is truly unisex, and it provides the perfect amount of slip for an effortless close shave. And it fit perfectly in my tea-cup-turned-shave-mug. I also received a free sample of the tobacco bay lotion, which also smells so so good and provides a lovely layer of moisturization without being sticky or weird. The other free sample I received was for the detox soap, which I haven't yet tried but am looking forward to based on the other products hitting it out of the park. I absolutely love the detail in the packaging and that it was/is completely recyclable down to the non-wood paper used to print my order. My new go-to apothecary!" - Bridget D. | Close Shave Soap

"Amazing salve! I just got a new tattoo and the salve is magical against the stinging and angry-ness of said new ink ;)" - Antoinette P. | Ink Addict Tattoo Aftercare Salve

"These soaps smell incredible, last FOREVER, and feel so wonderful on your skin! I can’t wait to buy more!" - Alix C. | Namaste Crystal Soap Set

"I bought this for my best friend and this is exactly what I was looking for as a new mama care kit! I wanted to give her something handmade, all natural and beautifully crafted, and this is just perfect. Really sweet seller and she shipped my order SO fast. Very happy with my purchase!" - Stephanie L. | New Mommy Rescue Set

"This stuff smells amazing and works wonders. Pam originally sent me a sample. Hubby loved it. So we purchased more. Our teenage boys love how soft it leaves their faces after shaving. They also use Pam’s shaving soaps. They don’t use anything else! Thanks Pam!!!" - Wanda P. | Refresh Post Shave Lotion

"The only diaper cream I use on my little one’s bottom. It is 100% natural and keep baby bottom nicely moisturized. It is cloth diapers friendly, which was what I needed. I sometimes use it myself as a hand cream. Highly recommend." - Agata Z. | Organic Diaper Cream

"Don't leave home without it. I've been using this product for a few days now, after I finished the product my tattoo artist recommended I use for the first 3 days. I must say this is so much more nourishing and soothing. The ingredients are superb and definitely help my skin. I'm at that flaky, itchy phase and I look forward to continue to use this and start the balm as well. Definitely a must for anyone who cares about their tats. 🤘" - Igor P. | Skin Rehab for Ink Addicts Tattoo Aftercare Set 

"Love this serum! It smells amazing and absorbs really quickly into my parched skin. Feels super hydrating!" - Kaitie B. | Grace Facial Oil Elixir

"I am so in love with this lip balm!! Completely hooked. Please don't ever stop making this stuff!! I can wear it to bed and still have it on by morning. Super fast shipping and I just love the little extra samples to. Best balm ever!!" - Courtney C. | Vanilla Cappuccino Lip Balm

"I do not have words for how much I love this serum. It has changed my skin in a matter of days. My chronic redness has significantly lessened and it cleared up a hormonal outbreak in less than 48 hours. This stuff is legit." - Hannah E. | Bloom Facial Oil Elixir

"I have used this salve on everything from the eczema on my hands, to my dry, cracked feet, to my healing tattoos and it. is. AMAZING. It is my cure all. It instantly soothes and moisturizes without any sticky, greasy mess. And the smell is clean and crisp. I LOVE IT." - Amy P. | Ink Addict Tattoo Aftercare Salve