Crystal Infused Perfume Oil Set gift set of three.
Crystal Infused Perfume Oil Set by Plainville Homestead in wooden holder.
Organic roll-on perfume, namaste courageous by Plainville Homestead.
Crystal Infused Perfume, organic roll-on perfume oil by Plainville Homestead.
Organic roll-on perfume, Namaste Empowered, by Plainville Homestead.
Crystal Infused Perfume Oil Set, Namaste Magical.
Crystal Infused Perfume Oil Set, organic perfume by Plainville Homestead.
Handcrafted Perfume Oil Set By Plainville Homestead.
Crystal Infused Perfume Oil Set By Plainville Homestead.

Crystal Perfume Oil Set | Perfume Trio

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Give the loved one in your life this charming handcrafted perfume oil set, complete in an adorable poplar wood gift box. Grab a set for yourself if you're feeling indulgent or indecisive, because everyone is deserving self care. Perfume rollers are a perfect way to carry a bit of aromatherapy around with you, allowing you to reapply as often as desired, with nourishing oils of jojoba, sweet almond, and coconut. Each roller is infused with genuine crystals, so you can release your intentions and vibes with each application.

Choose any 3 of the scent options:

- "Namaste Intuitive“: a fresh mix of grapefruit, bergamot, thyme, white tea, nutmeg, rose, honey, tuberose, and jasmine. Infused with genuine sodalite, the “awakening” stone, known for enhancing your intuition, self-awareness, and perception.

- "Namaste Peaceful": a blend of citrus, berry, and rose, with soft notes of sandalwood and musk. Infused with genuine rose quartz, the “love” stone, known for harmony, peace, calming, and compassion.

- "Namaste Centered": a feminine fragrance, light and floral, with notes of pear, lemon, and melon brightening the rich florals of lilies, rose, and freesia. A touch of musk, amber, and patchouli finish off the delicate scent. Infused with genuine amethyst, the “balancing” stone, known for stability, courage, balance, and centering.

- "Namaste Lucky": notes of bergamot, lemon, cucumber water, violet, and jasmine, with deeper notes of cashmere, musk, and sap. Infused with genuine green aventurine, the “luck” stone, known for abundance, wisdom, prosperity, and optimism.

"Namaste Protected": a warm, deep, rich mix of coconut milk, bergamot, black pepper, cinnamon leaf, jasmine, tonka bean, cypress, cedarwood, and musk. Infused with genuine smoky quartz, the “grounding” stone, known for protection, resilience, and releasing negativity.

- "Namaste Empowered": a medley of lemon, grapefruit, English ivy, jasmine, green apple, neroli, musk, vanilla, and fern moss. Infused with genuine citrine, the "Light Maker" stone, known for manifestation, imagination, abundance, personal will, and self esteem and worth.

- “Namaste Magical”: reminiscent of a high quality cologne with a blend of citrus and fresh wood notes. Bergamot, lemon, lime, grapefruit, jasmine, lavender, cardamom, melon, and rose, with base notes of musk, sandalwood, vanilla, and amber. Infused with genuine labradorite, the "Stone of Magic," known for unlocking your hidden potential, honing your intuition, and raising your consciousness.

- "Namaste Hopeful": soft floral mix of lavender, bergamot, star anise, jasmine, violet, ylang ylang, and heliotrope, with subtle notes of sandalwood, oakmoss, musk, amber, and vanilla. Infused with genuine rainbow moonstone, the "Stone of New Beginnings," is known for promoting healthy optimism, guiding through dark times, bringing inner peace and strength, and enlivening inner confidence.

- “Namaste Courageous”: fresh, herbal, and earthy mix of bay leaf and fir needle mingled with cedarwood and crisp bergamot with a warm tobacco base. Infused with genuine tiger's eye, the "All-Seeing All-Knowing Eye" is known to help release fear and anxiety, embrace personal will power and purpose, and promote mental clarity, focus, and stability. Go after and fulfill your dreams.

Each perfume will arrive in an amber roll-on glass bottle, 0.35 oz. The poplar wood gift box is complete with a button cord closure and a brown fabric elastic cord. 

Each perfume contains 0.35 fluid ounces | 10mL

While a clear bottle would allow you to enjoy the beauty of your crystals, amber bottles will ensure your perfume oil lasts and is UV protected from sunlight.

Enter your perfume selections in the box above.

Apply to your pulse points, wrists, behind the ears, inside your elbows, or behind your knees, to release this intoxicating scent. Reapply as often as needed.

Caprylic/capric triglyceride (fractionated) coconut oil, prunus dulcis (organic sweet almond) oil, simmondsia chinensis (organic jojoba) oil, tocopherol (vitamin E), phthalate-free fragrance oils.